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Sex Offenses Overview

Sex Offenses - What Does This Mean?

Sex offenses include a wide variety of criminal sexual acts.  The penalties for a sex offense conviction can be serious and life-changing with some acts carrying potential life sentences to prison or life terms of probation.  In addition, sex offense also carry Sex Offender Registration requirements, upon conviction, which can cause a tremendous amount of problems for people who must register, including additional criminal charges for failing to register.

Sex offense is a broad term for a wide range of criminal activity.  If a person is convicted of a sex assault on a child, for instance, this is a sex offense.  If a person is convicted of using Internet Luring, this is also a sex offense.  Other types of sex offenses include prostitution, statutory rape or sodomy, or lewd acts and rape.  So, not every act that is termed a sex offense is the same and some are much more serious, in terms of potential prison time, than others.

In the age of computers, it is very common to see people charged with sex offenses that involve the use of computers and the internet.  For instance, Law Enforcement is very active in catching people who use the internet to arrange sexual encounters with people too young to consent to sexual acts.  Computers are also used in the trade, production and possession of illegal images such as child pornography.  These types of crimes carry severe penalties and the potential for lengthy prison sentences.

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