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Internal Investigations

When in doubt about what is going on in your company, hire it out; hire out the investigation process because sometimes you need an independent attorney to look into issues in your business. Using in-house lawyers may not be a viable option. If youíre between a rock and a hard place, talk to Miller Leonard, PC, an attorney with extensive experience and expertise in all types of highly sensitive cases.

Discovering something ďnot quite rightĒ is going on in your company if often an unsettling revelation not only for the person who discovers the questionable conduct, but for the person who may stand accused of something they may not have done. While evidence may indicate that a particular person is at fault, there could very well be other circumstances that show another person was responsible for the misdeeds. In cases like this, sometimes itís a smart option to have an impartial voice regarding an allegation of misconduct. After all, itís your reputation you want to protect, now and in the future.

Where there is something of concern happening within an organization, and it has to be dealt with quickly, sensitively and expeditiously, but you donít want to involve anyone in the existing company, you need an attorney not directly associated with the events that need to be investigated. Impartiality in cases like this is paramount.

As a former Prosecutor, I have been hired to lead large investigations. Often, these types of investigations require a team to conduct a holistic investigation. In the past, I have worked with forensic investigators, financial examiners, and other attorneys to create and ensure a comprehensive investigation is conducted. Often, an internal investigation is a key part of keeping your company out of potential criminal or civil penalties. That is why it is so critical to have an independent investigation.

Contact Miller Leonard, PC if you need an impartial, independent and confidential internal investigation.

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