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"Miller Leonard PC focuses on federal criminal defense, Colorado state criminal defense, Colorado municipal criminal defense and select civil matters such as defending civil orders of protection or sealing records. We put quality before quantity in order to provide superior legal representation. We serve the Denver metropolitan area including Jefferson, Denver, Adams and Arapahoe Counties as well as all of Colorado"

Specializing in Federal Criminal Defense and State Criminal Defense


Handling cases in Jefferson County, Denver County, Boulder County, Adams County, Arapahoe County, Douglas County and the rest of Colorado as well as the Federal District of Colorado.


Miller Leonard, PC, is focused on representing individuals who are under investigation by the government or who are facing criminal charges in either Colorado or in Federal Court.  Miller Leonard is passionate about his work and wants to work with you.  The firm was founded to represent people in need of quality, professional, aggressive criminal defense.  As Special Counsel to The Pearman Law Firm, PC, our litigation services are greatly expanded to meet the needs of clients outside of criminal law, in areas such as domestic relations, general civil litigation, bankruptcy and will/trusts and estate legal matters.

"I enjoy helping people in their time of need.  The government is aggressive - so am I.  I have spent my career practicing criminal law.  I have handled thousands of criminal cases and learned the practice from the ground up.  No matter what kind of case you have, I will pour myself into it.  You freedom is worth it."

Miller Leonard

Miller Leonard has over 12 years experience as a practicing attorney. His background in criminal law is extensive, including stints as a former State Public Defender, State Prosecuting Attorney, and a former Special Assistant United States Attorney. As a Public Defender and Prosecutor, he handled a wide variety of cases, including murder, serious violent crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes, white collar crimes,  dui's and cyber crimes.  Miller started his practice handling misdemeanor cases and worked his way up to serious felony cases.  He has handled thousands of criminal cases and has earned his experience through years of practice.

In order to become a skilled trial attorney, you need good training and mentors.  Miller was trained by excellent trial attorneys and went through rigorous training as a Public Defender and Prosecutor.  As part of his training, he attended the National Advocacy Center and the National Center for Missing and exploited Children.  He also went through the intensive Missouri State Public Defender Trial Attorney three year trial training skills track.  This type of training is not available to lawyers outside of the government.

In addition to trial training and experience, Miller was chosen to be the first cyber crimes prosecutor in his office.  This led to his appointment as a Special Assistant United States Attorney.  In this role, he handled serious federal criminal investigations and cases and received specialized training in this field.  As a new unit, part of Miller's responsibilities were to teach other Prosecutors about these type of cases and to develop procedures for Detectives and Prosecutors alike.

Currently, Miller Leonard, PC practices criminal defense in Colorado in Federal, State and municipal court. For select clients, we handle Federal cases nationwide, with appropriate co-counsel to comply with local District rules on attorney admittance. Miller's criminal defense practice is broad, and it encompasses representation of individuals and businesses under investigation, as well as individuals and businesses in need of trial court and appellate court representation.

Outside of the traditional criminal defense practice, Miller Leonard works with clients who have compliance related issues, internal investigations and businesses and individuals facing regulatory scrutiny. Much of compliance counseling involves matters that have the potential to trip criminal sanctions, such as the FCPA, Stark and Anti- Kickback matters, as well as revising business ethics manuals to include information concerning the United State’s Sentencing Guidelines.

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